Close up photo of vials in autosampler of gas chromatography with spectrometer in chemical laboratory

How it works

Protein sample preparation is a vital first step for many protein analysis technologies including gel-based protein analysis and mass spectrometry. At Impact Proteomics, we provide a number of solutions to ensure your workflow begins with the highest quality sample so that you can get the highest quality data.

Whether you are working with whole proteins, whole proteomes, or peptides our tools can enhance your workflows using our patent pending system. We have taken advantage of natural protein chemistry to create a way to capture, clean up, and release any protein-based sample. Our reversible labeling reagent reacts with every protein and/or peptide, no matter the charge or size, so you get back all of the sample you start with. That means no need for sticky filters, no inefficient precipitation steps, and compatibility with the harshest of lysis buffers.

Our protein sample preparation kits all contain the same basic steps performed in only a few hours:

  • 1) Label with our patent pending chemistry
  • 2) Bind to our specialty beads
  • 3) Wash away contaminants/exchange buffers
  • 4) Release unmodified sample from the beads
  • 5) Digestion and enzyme removal (optional)

How it works:

Animation of Impact's technology